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Keidi's skin improved in the first week after buying my recipe books

Raederle's recipe books are amazing, packed to the brim with delicious, mouthwatering dishes which as an added bonus are all amazingly healthy in every way possible. I've only been following the book for the last week but I already feel healthier and my skin looks more radiant and glowing than ever before. Thanks Raederle! Thank you for all your amazing health and nutrition tips. You're amazing!
~ Keidi Keating, The Word Queen, Málaga, Spain (January-April 2012)
If you're thinking, "Yes! An exact step-by-step plan is just what I need to get on the right track!" then there is no time like the present. This page is JUST FOR YOU and will vanish after Christmas Eve.
Raederle's meals are honestly some of the most deliciously healthy meals I have ever enjoyed. She is passionate in her work and has extensive knowledge. Her creations are immensely tasty and healthy.
I highly recommend experiencing Raederle's love-inspired talents.
~Aaron Irons, California, (2011-2012)

Experience Elegance 8-Day Meal Plan

This 8-Day Nutritionally Complete Raw Vegan Meal Plan is ideal for raw foodies who want to minimize nuts and seeds most of the time, but splurge once in a while. That's why this plan has eight days.
The eighth day is "splurge day" which I think we should all have once or twice a month. Your emotional health is just as vital as your physical health. The more physically healthy you are the easier it is to be emotionally healthy. I find that most of us feel more comforted and contented with our lives when we splurge on occasion, and contentment is emotional health.
Have a nut allergy? Want to minimuze nuts? Trying to reduce calories from fat? This meal plan is for you!
There are many issues with a diet high in nuts. And some raw vegan gurus have come to prefer a nut-free approach to raw veganism, or at least a very, very low-nut approach. Many raw vegans consume around six nuts in a month.
Most raw vegan recipes call for a 1-2 cups of nuts! To me, that is not in the spirit of raw veganism. This lifestyle is about raising your body and mind to their optimal capacities. That is why I offer low-nut and no-nut recipe books and meal plans, like this one.
Nut allergies? Want to enjoy gourmet raw vegan pies and treats without using two cups of nuts per recipe? This book brings together gourmet flavors, convenience and nut-free ingredients.
If you want additional recipes, or are seeking an array of comfort foods that don't contain nuts, then Nut-Free Raw Recipes will supplement any of my meal plans excellently.
Also, Nut-Free Raw Recipes is particularly full of creative nut-free desserts for the adventurous sort. And none of them require a dehydrator!
"Nut-Free Raw Recipes is great! I like how you explained the 'whys' and 'hows' of things, and the photos look yummy. One of my favorite parts are the quotes you include with each recipe."

~ Veronika S., San Francisco, CA (March 2011)
Hi Raederle,
Last night I made Magnificent Minty Mango with hemp seeds and my husband and I LOVED it.
Tonight I made Vanilla Cream Pie and we LOVED that too!
Looking forward to doing more.
Love, Toni V., Buffalo, NY (2011)

Blissfully Balanced 7-Day Meal Plan

Blissfully Balanced is very beginner friendly and contains raw comfort-food dishes.
Blissfully Balanced includes exercise-timing recommendations. These timing recommendations are provided to allow you to get the most out of your activity. They're recommended at times of day when the food will be providing you with the most energy. After exercise, the key nutrients you need to replenish are in the foods indicated.
Blissfully Balanced will maximize the results of your workouts, and also includes tips for using less fat if that is a goal for you.

Blissfully Balanced Beginners Meal Plan



Raw Master Plan




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Raw Master Plan Contains:

  • Experience Elegance 8-Day Plan ($25)
  • Blissfully Balanced 7-Day Plan ($25)
  • Nut-Free Delectable Delights 7-Day Plan ($25)
  • Collecting Calcium: Overcoming Osteoporosis & Arthritis Naturally ($40)
  • Nut-Free Raw Recipes ($15)
  • Vitamin Confusion Solution ($62)
  • Select, Store, Eat & Digest Raw Food ($20)
  • 5 Health Questions Answered Via E-mail ($100)
  • All of these items are digital. You will receive them via e-mail.
    And, this package will not break your budget in groceries. There is minimal use of "superfood" powders and no use of expensive pre-packaged dehydrated snack-bars.

    Also, equipped with Vitamin Confusion Solution, you'll be able to select the healthiest whole foods to meet your specific needs on your budget.

    Sarah lost 6 pounds in 30 days without adding any exercise to her routine

    Ma'am, let me tell you, it's weird eating like this. The strangest thing is the lack of hunger as I knew it. I used to get so hungry I would pay anything for food. Now hunger is tolerable for long stretches of time.
    I feel like I am incredibly alert all of the time as well. The most amazing thing has been losing 6 pounds in a month with a pretty minimal amount of exercise.
    ~ Sarah Leven, Buffalo NY (March 2011)
    So what are you waiting for? What's more important than being healthy enough to do the things you love?!

    Tina finally found a lifestyle change that works for her

    Its only been a week after switching to only eating fresh, organic, and raw foods and I feel great. I finally found a lifestyle change that I completely love, and will be able to commit to long term. I love the foods, all the recipes are amazing.
    I'm sleeping better at night, and I feel better both physically and mentally.
    Thank you for everything, you've had such a wonderful impact on my life that I can hardly find the words to say to show you my appreciation. Thank you!
    ~ Tina Louise, Buffalo, NY (April 2012)
    Wishing you bountiful bursts of energy and inspiration,
    PS: As an added bonus, I am always available to answer my customer's questions! Do you need a recipe modified to fit your specific needs? Do you have a story or experience to share with me? Just write me an e-mail.