10 Tips to Increase Your Creativity

1. Eat in Silence Take at least one of your meals or snacks alone, in silence or subtle ambient music. The process of chewing and receiving calories is highly stimulating to the brain; it’s ideal for generative, creative thought. Don’t look at your phone, a magazine, your computer, or talk. Just let your mind wander. If you start having an idea, keep following that idea until you feel inspired to act on it. If the inspiration doesn’t come, let that idea pass as it will. If inspiration comes, pull out a sketch pad to put some of your thoughts down. Only go to a monitor if you know you have the will to resist the temptation to look at any notifications. Go directly to the posting screen without allowing your eyes to read anything else at all. If you can’t do this, stick with paper. 2. Take Long Baths Take a bath in silence or subtle ambient music. Spend at least twenty minutes in the bath, but from there, stay only as long as it takes to feel inspired. This could already

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