In my late teens and early twenties I recovered from stomach ulcers, candida, gastritis, IBS and practically every condition you can name that has to do with digestive dysfunction. I have also recovered from a suicidal depression that lasted for ten years of my life – age nine to nineteen.
Raederle, Age 28
The healing path has been paved with creative recipes, paradigm shifts, art, love and wrenching melt-downs. I'm dedicated to helping others along their own path and sharing the gift of having optimism and an energetic body.
In my mid-twenties I had a deep shift that moved my focus more toward psychological study as I began to see that the magic key to whether or not my clients would get well and stay well was in their minds, not in their bodies. This focus deepened and expanded dramatically through a series of mentors who each came to me serendipitously. At the age of twenty-six I had a meditation where the words came to me: I am a Consciousness Alchemist. This resonated very deeply with me, and has become the center of my work.
The full story of me is a fantastic journey. It's more exciting, dynamic and surprising than any hit movie I've ever seen. Because of this, I'm writing my life as a first-person chronological novel – as if it were fiction, except that it is all true. Between the consciousness alchemy tools that allow me to go back to memories and relive them, and my detailed journaling going all the way back to when I was only ten years old, I'm able to reconstruct the most incredible parts of my life in vivid detail.
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~ Raederle Phoenix
Pronounced: Ray-der-lee Fee-nix
About: "Raederle" comes from the trilogy Riddle Master of Hed and was giving to me by my mother. "Phoenix" is after the fire bird which heals with its tears and rises from its ashes, and was given to me by my father.

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