Serious Condition: Madness

By Raederle Phoenix
Marketing and manufacture of madness,
There is a beneficiary from your sadness.
Illness Illusion prelude to Solution Delusion.
Would be wiser to wander under a
Womping willow* for wellness.
Are you lonely in those office cubicles?
Do you have healthy cuticles?
Fortunes for the pharmaceuticals:
Inventing disorders,
You're on the border,
Must be bi-polar,
You need a prescription,
For your serious condition.
You may never recover,
From this lost lover,
Open the bottle; pop another . . .
They're making money off your misery,
If you look it up, you'll find it in history:
The entire medical industry,
Is making profane profit from prescriptions.
It's nothing new to politicians,
Their lining their pockets with our dismay,
Including leaders of the FDA and the AMA.
The corporations making billions,
Off of us ignorant civilians.
Bayer, a chemical company catastrophe,
Dyncorp, a villainous vaccine conspiracy,
DuPont, a putrid pathetic pathology,
Dow and Monsanto: GMO,
Genetic Modification;
Just think soil degeneration, degradation,
Seed depletion,
Agricultural destruction,
Ecological devastation,
Poisoning the world population.
If you have cancer,
There is an answer.
If you are a diabetic
You don't need a prosthetic.
There is a cure,
clean and pure.
The sinister
Operations would prefer
For you to stay sick,
Dependent – insulin reverent.
From the cure they get no monetary gain,
So they'll see your immune system slain,
And ignore the real causes to your pain:
Living in the city,
Breathing in toxicity,
Conforming to society,
Stress and anxiety,
Positions of political piety,
Substance addiction,
Syrup proliferation,
Candy adaptations,
Artificial colorings,
Sugar smotherings,
Bread convolutions,
Profuse pollution,
Food dilution,
Liability absolution.
There are so many connections.
The law of attraction:
Start with the subtraction,
Of every negative distraction,
Every hasty reaction,
Put your inspiration to action,
Develop determination,
Move with motivation,
Manifest creation.
If you're feeling suspicion,
Or about to have a conniption,
Because of my spoken description
Of this situation,
That's a sign of a serious condition,
For which you need a prescription.
By Raederle Phoenix [2011-2012]

Womping willow is a reference to Harry Potter. The womping willow plays an important part in the plot. It is a tree that whacks the living daylights out of anyone who comes near it. My Dad – a wacky wizard – comments that: "The Womping Willow leads to Moaning Muggles... Or was that Moaning Myrtle?"

Obvious Conspiracy

by Raederle Phoenix
Are you taking pills for your chronic illness?
Wondering when you'll make it to wellness?
Don't worry about the fee,
Medicaid can poison you for free.
Paying for conventional treatments?
Food Is Medicine.
But... Trust your prescription,
Obey the directions,
Can't get an erection,
That's just a minor side effect.
Like the minor insects,
That die when they eat the genetically modified plants.
Once we were hunters and gathers,
Now we're fat bastards and slatherers.
Who needs rain forests or top soil?
Who cares about tortured ecosystems that toil?
We're just hungry for another steroid-packed burger,
Let's modify the genes of the cows and take it further.
When you're feeling like you have the flu,
But the doctor says there is nothing wrong with you,
Here's what he doesn't tell you;
Snapple isn't made from apples.
Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos and burritos –
These toxins aren't tame.
Packaging, pricing and pretty frames,
Designed to trick you into eating aspartame.
It reads that it's sugar free: What about poison free?
And isn't Splenda safe? Wouldn't you chafe – If I told you that's another lie?
It's much worse than a stir fry; As bad as getting high.
Speaking of which,
Here is another hitch;
Tooth rot often comes from smoking pot,
As well as receding gums,
But cheer up chums,
It's still better than smoking tar,
That you'll find in every cigar.
But go ahead and drink your pop,
Explain to me that it's too expensive to stop.
Water is practically free,
While candy offers you nothing for its fee.
But excuse me while I point out,
What health is all about:
Living, giving, and growing stronger,
It's not just about living longer.
Who wants to live forever,
In pain, or in misery?
I'd rather be history!
I want to feel good after every meal,
And not have to suffer and feel...
Guilty or bloated or full of gas,
Or wonder how much I've added to my mass.
Health is quality of life;
Eliminating pain and strife.
Who cares about the quantity of days?
It's only the joy of each moment that pays.
Life is for joy, delight, warmth and fuzziness.
Have you considered the enemies of life and happiness?
Hurts, hernias, headaches, haziness;
Cankers, cancer, coughs, clogs;
Gas, gall-stones, gastritis, gout;
Medical bills for ambulance routes.
What could be more expensive
Than a life not well lived?
Eat collards, cucumbers and cabbage.
Eat cilantro, celery and soaked seeds.
Eat organic, or better; eat weeds.
They're packed with enzymes;
In packaged food – removed,
A crime – of modern times.
You don't have to give up everything sweet;
There are mangoes, tomatoes, and berries;
Watermelon, apples, oranges and cherries.
Figs, plums, prunes and dates,
You can change now, it's never too late!
You don't have to go hungry.
Natural items come in sundry.
Leave the calorie quandary,
Enter the quantity of quality,
That comes with internal harmony.
You are what you eat.
Fancy being concrete?
Eating margarine?
You must think it fantastic to be made of plastic.
I'd be rather be a bloom.
I prefer a habitable womb.
Take the time to contemplate,
What happens when we consummate.
Our genes, which are altered throughout our lives,
Are passed down into the new generation.
They're being born directly into constipation.
The media has a clear function: information corruption.
It's time to stop the false information circulation,
This corrupt and blatant manipulation.
Change the crude regulations,
and require labels listing poisons in our nation!
In Europe; packages display vital information,
Including ingredients with genetic modification.
Foods changed to allow for better transportation.
Monotonous monocrops managed by massive corporations,
Trying to twist and turn nature to their profitable operation.
Malicious mendacious maneuvering and modification
Resulting in toxic residue and dreadful degradation.
This isn't progress in the food industry,
This is the world's most obvious conspiracy.
~ Raederle Phoenix [2009-2011]

Radiant & Raw

By Raederle Phoenix
Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries
So full of antioxidants
You think that was an accident?
Nature doesn't make mistakes
Change now, that's all it takes
Wake up, and raise the stakes.
Celery, Kale and Sesame seeds;
Natural sources of sodium,
Providing balance in your cranium,
As long as you get your potassium,
And don't forget the water,
Hydration makes you hotter,
Sexy, sophisticated, strong and sleek;
Raise your body to its peak.
Don't settle for minimum,
Raise up to the maximum.
Jojoba jumping jubilance;
Exulting exotic exuberance.
Enter abundance,
Forget reminisce.
Fill your life with anticipation,
Elite standards of elation,
Moving motions of motivation,
Goals, gifts and gratification.
Papaya, Pineapple and Mangoes;
Put the punch in your tango.
Broccoli, Brussels and Bok Choy;
Bring on beautiful joy.
Chilies, Cayenne, and Garlic,
Give your body some fight,
Burn out the parasites,
Reverse your smite to delight.
Raw and radiant is right.
~ Raederle Phoenix [2011]

Buckets of Blessings

on the

Path to Paradise

by Raederle Phoenix
To dither or deliver
Decent deeds don't deceive
Decide to override
Poor programming
Gracious gratitude
Sprinkled and spread
Leading lives of love
And conscience instead
~ Raederle Phoenix [2011]


by Raederle Phoenix
Apple filling within almond crusts,
So fulfilling covered with cacao dust,
Berry topping is a'slopping,
Ferried to your plate a'glopping.
No need for baking,
My pie is here waiting,
Eat a slice or two, feel it satiating
your strong emotional cravings.
Your tastes are now awakening.
No need for anything from the cow,
Fruits, nuts and seeds are the cat's meow.
Try my sauce of cranberries,
and my jelly made of blackberries,
My smoothies filled with raspberries,
My cookie crumble with blueberries;
All these creations
are live divinations;
Uncooked inspirations,
For curing nations.
~ Raederle Phoenix [2011]
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