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Most of my surveys will ask you for your Myers-Briggs type. While no Myers-Briggs quiz is entirely accurate, I recommend Human Metric’s Personality Type Quiz as it is the most reliable one I’ve seen. I also specifically recommend against using the one at 16personalities, as they have used a different methodology entirely which is incompatible with Carl Jung’s original eight cognitive functions system.

Short Surveys & Quizs

5 to 10 minutes
Survey: What is your experience with forming and maintaining habits?
Survey: This survey is asking you about your perception of other people's ability to read you correctly; this survey is about how understood, seen, felt, and heard you feel by others.

Medium Surveys & Quizs

11 to 25 minutes
Study: What’s the relationship between dyslexia, spatial perception, and parallel parking?
Survey: What matters most to you in friendship? What are your minimum requirements for a friend? How many friends do you have that you know would be there for you in an emergency?
Survey: This survey is about what makes you inspired and how often you feel inspired.
Quiz: This quiz will tell you if you're an autistic, an aspie, a highly sensitive person (HSP), or have attention deficit disorder (ADD). I specifically designed this quiz to be effective on girls which are not accurately assessed by typical autism questionaries.
This 19 minute quiz can be used on girls four to nine with parental assistance.
To women: If you’re taking this quiz over twenty, think back to who you were between the ages of six and sixteen. You may have adapted to seem a lot more normal since then.
To girls: If you’re taking this quiz under the age of twenty, there is a good chance that you won’t yet know how you compare to “typical” people. To get the most accurate results, ask a parent or friend to help you consider your answers.
To parents: Please consider that if your daughter is an aspie, there is a good chance that you are too. Many things you think are typical because they also apply to you may not actually be typical. When a question asks if you are “more ____ than typical,” try to compare your daughter to the most normal-seeming, average classmates and individuals you can.
To boys: You can try this quiz, but I’ve aimed this assessment specifically at girls. There is a good chance that it will still work for boys, particularly highly sensitive boys, but autism in boys is already assessed with decent accuracy by the conventional AQ assessment.

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