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May 24th 2010

I noticed just now that the back pain I had yesterday morning and the day before is gone now. I owe that to two things:
  • An excellent yoga session Sunday morning
  • Eating a fairly rich variety of raw foods today and yesterday.
Although, I think I must have loosened some toxins from my legs, or possibly strained them a bit during yoga, because they ache terribly today. I had completely forgotten I had ever even had the back pain because I was so busy thinking about my legs aching.
The back says; "Well, I guess I'm done hurting now."
The legs say; "What?! If you're not going to hurt, then we are!"
The back shrugs.
The legs say; "We're not getting paid enough! We demand more water!"
Water. The best detox tool around.
My current conclusion is that eating raw fruits and vegetables is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy and fit. There is more usable protein when you combine the amino acids from greens, vegetables and fruits than there is in any meat. There is more health and flavor in freshly picked wild berries than in any store-bought in a package. It isn't revolutionary, it's basic.
~ Raederle Phoenix

Future Notes

I wasn't yet a 100% raw vegan at the time this was written. I went 100% raw September 3rd, 2010 – several months after the time I wrote this. I stayed raw and vegan with no exceptions for a solid year. Over the years I learned a lot about raw foodism as well as other approaches to health. In 2018 I learned that one critical reason why people find so much success on a diet of raw fruits and vegetables is because they get off lectins. So, in 2018, I went lectin-free and it changed my life all over again. Read about my journey going lectin-free here.

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