[Blog] June 2010: Organic & Sugarless

June 23rd, 2010

Since I began my raw food journey I've learned about many new wonderful dishes that can be created entirely raw.

The first discovery that really struck me was fruit balls, which I tend to make more like 'chocolate balls' now, since more chocolate means less fruit, so they come out less sweet and more like a dark chocolate brownie.

No Artificial Sugar; No 'Organic' Sugar; No 'Raw' Sugar

One thing that amazes me is how very possible it is to make things delicious and wonderful without every using sugar. It is a shame how rampant sugar addiction is.
I eat absolutely no refined sugar. Ever. For good reason. Refined sugar, in any form, is essentially poison.

In order to really embrace raw foodism, you have to realize that your taste buds change. Right now, you may believe that candy is what sweet is, and that fruit just doesn't taste as good. This is caused by an addiction to refined sugars and has nothing to do with reality.

Fruits are very sweet, and most vegetables are quite sweet as well. While you won't believe me (because it's something you have to experience, not read), your taste changes dramatically when you stop eating all refined and processed sugars. Suddenly, tomatoes, carrots and corn taste quite flavorful and rich, and fruits begin to taste like candy -- only better!

Besides not using sugar, it is almost important to use organic ingredients. I've recently learned that conventional means of growing fruits are killing the honey bees and destroying wild life. Not to mention you're supporting smaller farms and people with better ethics when you buy organic.
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