Raederle's Raw Chocolates

I'm no longer shipping chocolates. Sorry, that was only for early January 2013. But, you can make your own chocolates. Buy your organic raw cacao butter here, and your raw organic cacao beans and you're set to make your own chocolates at home. Use organic dates, raisins, pomegranate powder to sweeten.
Come see photos of my chocolates and my desserts here on my facebook album.
In January 2013 I made raw chocolates to sell to friends and family.

About The Chocolates I Sold

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • 100% raw and vegan ingredients
  • Using dried fruit (dates, raisins, prunes, etc) to sweeten, no agave
  • Three flavor options are available: sweet, dark and fruity
  • Bar size is 2 ounces
  • Gift wrapping is available upon request for $2

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