What is a vector? Why use a vector for my logo? Why not an illustration?

What is a vector?

The web definition says, "A quantity having direction as well as magnitude, esp. as determining the position of one point in space relative to another." In art, vector is a point-and-angle based graphic.

What are the pros and cons of using vectors?

Fonts are quicker and easier, but as a vector, each and every bit of each letter can be shaped "just so" to suit a purpose.
  • Vectors are much more difficult to create than simply drawing a silhouette.
  • Vectors are not practical for detailed illustrations.
  • Vectors are scalable to any size without becoming fuzzy or losing quality.
  • Vectors are highly editable.

Why is it important for my business logo to be a vector?

Most logos are done as vector are for the two advantages (pros) listed above.
Many small companies and businesses don't realize the importance of vector graphics and have an artist do an illustration. This makes some sense for bands, since often they use their logo for their first album cover or something like that, but still not the best policy. Imagine if you wanted your logo on a billboard but it couldn't be done because it was an illustration and not a vector?

I want you to create a vector for me, do you do that?

Yes. Definitely. Write me at raederle at gmx dot com with your inquiry.

Should we schedule a phone call?

I'm very used to doing things via e-mail, to the point where I can read people through text much better than most. I actually get a lot of people's personality from how they write—sentence structure, paragraph breaks (or lack there of), punctuation usage (or lack there of), word choice, etc—every nuance gives a bit of a person's flavor, just like shrugs, eye-brow raises and fashion choices show 'flavor' in person, you know?
There are some huge advantages to e-mail communication, especially when doing business. Such as the following:
  • We can both respond on our own time.
  • We both get the opportunity to think out our reply thoroughly before sending it.
  • We save time by not going over ideas that, on second thought, we'd rather not send.
  • I have a record of all of your ideas of directions for reference while I work.
The above advantages can not be over-stated. They make a huge difference.
Besides, I'm not a fan of phones.

Should logo lettering be done as a vector, or as a font?

If you want the lettering to do anything funky – like bleed into the silhouette of a person – then your letters need to be vectors in order to be editable and retain their scale-ability.
Fonts are not editable unless converted into a bitmap, and once they're a bitmap they don't scale without becoming fuzzy, which isn't good for a logo (or any image really).
In order for your logo to be really unique, you'll need to have the letters be done as vectors. However, some fonts are so infrequently used that it is unlikely anyone will notice and identify the font.

Will anyone be able to tell if I use a font or if I use a vector for my lettering?

There isn't necessarily any way for someone to tell that lettering is done via vector graphic when looking at it, except that someone could, theoretically, have memorized thousands of fonts and be able to identify the chosen font on sight. Other than that, there isn't all fool-proof way to tell.

How much does a custom vector cost?

That entirely depends on the complexity of the graphic. Anywhere from $40 to $1,000, like any artwork. The average logo will be in th $60 to $250 range. You can see examples of my work and how much it would cost to get them done on my Illustrator Raederle Facebook Fanpage within my Graphic Design Projects Album. Please like my page!

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal is preferred. If that isn't an option in your case, we can talk about it.

When do you expect payment?

I prefer payment upfront whenever possible. If that isn't possible for some reason, we can talk about t.

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