What is teff? Teff is a gluten free grain that is superior to quinoa.

We've all heard of the benefits of quinoa. But is quinoa really so amazing? Sure, it's more nutritious than rice, but so are many other less-known grains and seeds. Amaranth, for example, has twice the nutrient density as quinoa, and it has a better calcium to phosphorus ratio.
Out of all the grains and grain-like seeds, t'eff (or teff) comes out the best nutritionally. It's roughly twice as nutritious as amaranth (four times as good as quinoa) and it has the best calcium to phosphorus ratio I've seen in any grain or grain-like seed. (The better the calcium to phosphorus ratio, the better the food is for your bones and teeth.)
Teff is prepared the same way that rice is prepared and it has a similar consistency to amaranth. The flavor is similar to other grains, but richer in flavor due to its higher nutrient density.
Teff, unfortunately, is not usually sold in stores. On amazon, you'll pay $10 for a single pound. You can, however, order teff in bulk to get a reasonable price. We order a 25 pound bag once per year. When buying 25 pounds at once, you pay a little over $4 per pound.
While I'm not an advocate of grains in general, and especially recommend avoiding all gluten products (regardless of whether or not you are known to have a gluten allergy), if you are going to consume a grain, I recommend teff.
For seasonal raw foodies who eat all raw in the summer and some cooked food in the winter, teff is a great option for adding to nori wraps with greens for a warm delightful wrap.
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