Months just fly by, don't they? I find monthly contact is best for me too when it comes to most mailings – and friendships too. I have many pen pals who I write once a month. In fact, you can sign up to be one of them here and receive personal hand-written letters from me by snail mail.

If you're interested in supporting my work, you can do so for as little as $1 a month by subscribing to me here. This allows you to choose any dollar amount to send to me on a monthly basis, and it comes with perks. At $1 you'll receive access to an exclusive feed. You can disable e-mail notifications and check in on your own time to see what realizations I've been having, what artworks I've been creating, and some sneak peaks into my personal life. At $50 a month you can receive one of my physical products every month and a personal letter and full access to all of my exclusive online content. And there are many options in between! If you've ever wanted to donate to support my website and all the content I provide freely across the web, it's never been easier. Even a few dollars a month is greatly appreciated!

~ Raederle
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