Vast Crystal Caverns Manor Mysterious

I will be updating this page each time we play.I will be logging what modications have worked for playing between The Crystal Caverns and The Mysterious Manor. I will also be putting down questions that I wish to figure out the answer to. You can view all of the times we have played and which role won the game by clicking here and going to the tab called "Vast" at the bottom.

Paladin in Crystal Caverns

Should vaults be used as a replacement for shrines or are shrines unimportant enough to just ignore them? We ignored them first time playing Goblins versus Paladin in the Crystal Caverns. I won as the Paladin, so maybe shrines would have been over-powered, but it seems unlikely as it is quite possible I only would have had a single opportunity to use a shrine anyway.
Can Goblins remove lamps somehow? (We are assuming that lamps stop goblins since lamps stop skeltons.)
We brought forcewalls into Crystal Caverns since one of the Paladin's favor cards allows the placement of forcewalls. This seemed useful, but not overly powerful.
Paladin gains two grit for smashing crystals.
Since we are playing two player, Goblins versus Paladin, there is no dragon. Hence, the Paladin is gaining a fury each turn that he does not smash a crystal.

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