Is Gene Editing any safer than the original GMOs? | The Dangers of Monocrops

A new derivative of genetic modification called “gene editing” is causing European lawmakers to reconsider the prohibition of GMO (genetically modified organisms) in Europe and the UK. A change in policy is being considered right now! While it is possible that this new technique really does have less danger in one particular axis (contamination of the species being genetically altered), it still has all of the more serious dangers associated with GMO crops.
The most unsustainable part of genetically modified crops is the methodology that proclaims monocrops as the solution to world hunger. Monocrops degrade and erode soil, rapidly creating deserts. Monocrops create food deserts for bees and other wildlife, destroying biodiversity and thereby also destroying the robustness of the ecosystem. Monocrops are heavily dependent on artificial fertilizers and chemicals that kill fungus and insects, and these chemicals, in turn, kill off the gut flora that our own internal ecology requires for good health.
World hunger can not be helped through genetically modified foods or through monocropping. This argument is completely false because producing more food simply means the population grows and with population growth comes more hunger. This is demonstrated in every species, including humans. The solution to world hunger comes in better distribution of food, food education, and procreative education.
Genetically modified crops have also proven to create a human rights crisis. Patent laws on GMO seeds make it illegal for growers to save their own seeds, making farmers dependent on the seller for seeds as well as chemicals (because, of course, the same people selling the seeds are also selling the herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides). Being caught growing these patented crops has penalties, even if the seed merely cross-pollinated your farm and you didn’t intend to plant it. This patent practice generates tremendous profit for certain corporations but has resulted in thousands of farmers committing suicide in India and other countries.
An open letter to youtubers with an international following:
I urge you to make a video that talks about this important issue. I’m an American and I can tell you that our food system here is a mess. Don’t follow in our footsteps! So many Europeans come here and immediately begin gaining weight and health problems even if they eat the “same” foods that they ate back home. Food quality here is scary and our own best doctors advise going directly to small farmers and avoiding supermarkets. You have the ability to educate thousands (or even hundreds of thousands!) of people on this issue. Even if you just mention it in a blog video of yours, it could make a huge difference. Either way, thank you for your time, your effort, and the magnificent content that you create.
Your friend and fellow youtuber,

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