Sessions with Raederle for Returning Clients

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How May I Help You?

I am a couples coach, nutritionist, completion process practitioner, reiki master, deeksha healer, sexual authenticity guide, and consciousness alchemist.
I specialize in helping others with:
⚪ Insomnia, depression
๐ŸŸฃ Intuition blocks
๐Ÿ”ต Creativity blocks
๐ŸŸข Self-love
๐ŸŸก Digestive disorders, personal empowerment
๐ŸŸ  Narcissism, codependency, nymphomania, chronic loneliness
๐Ÿ”ด Taแน‡hฤ (a lack of abundance), nutritional deficiencies, developmental trauma
✨ Multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), fibromyalgia
I also have expertise with navigating autism, polyamory, and being a highly sensitive person (HSP).
Most importantly, I also specialize in radical acceptance. I will continue to respect you and care about your wellbeing regardless of what comes up in our sessions. Topics such as incest, poltergeist, murder, abduction, intentional programming, sexual abuse, vampirism, or criminal activity do not intimidate me. Your experiences may have caused you to feel deep shame. I’m here to lift that burden with you.
I do sessions in person and also online.

Special Pricing for Existing Clients

  • A full session: Usually 80 minutes to 130 minutes. See details below.
  • Full sessions are discounted when three are purchased together.
  • Touchstone sessions (80 to 95 minutes) come in packages of four sessions purchased together.
Full sessions include parts work, the completion process, and other forms of trauma revisitation and healing as needed/appropriate. Touchstone sessions may not be appropriate for trauma revisitation (i.e. through the completion process or other similar practices) as more time is often needed for these processes; more on that in a moment.
During our sessions we’ll work to address any and all of the following as applicable: developmental trauma, self love, body image, depression, narcissism, codependency, abundance retraining, nymphomania, couples coaching, MCS recovery, fibromyalgia, nutrition, digestion, lifestyle, sexuality, insomnia, creativity, relationships, and emotional intimacy.
During a full session there is no hard time limit for returning clients when we’re in a Completion Process as it is critical that these sessions are completed correctly in order to facilitate full, lasting healing. Usually, however, completion can be found in under two hours, which is the average session length.
Touchstone sessions are deep “check in” sessions. We will check in with your body, emotions, recent experiences, current life dilemmas and anything else that comes up. Because these sessions are limited to 95 minutes, we will only enter into resolving traumatic memories from childhood is we launch into this within the first seven minutes of the session.
Touchstone sessions are ideal for regularly reconnecting with your personal truth, coming out of dissociated states, and finding clarity around complex life situations. Around 80 minutes in I will start looking for a natural wind-down to our interaction.
During any session with me you are welcome to utilize my presence and validation as your sounding board, or to use this time to pick my brain with endless questions, or anything in between.
Please note that I do not offer refunds. I put myself entirely into the process, and begin preparing for sessions well in advance. I bring my best self forward to give you what you need.

How To Book (for returning clients)

  1. Text or e-mail me to let me know you’ve paid. Thanks. ๐Ÿ’– (Do not use this page if you’re a new client. New clients click here.)
  2. We’ll either confirm an existing scheduled time (or times) or choose dates/times from there.

Currently booked up for the foreseeable future.

Thank you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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