Creating Jobs: Good Jobs, Green Jobs, American Jobs — Why should good work be paid less?

I received an interesting message from someone who complained that "nothing is free" on the internet anymore. They wrote:
The web used to be like Camelot (or so it seemed), it was like sitting in the New York Public Library as a college student all over again. All you needed was a library card and the world was at your fingertips. Now, too many of the newspapers, magazines, websites chuck full of fascinating new worlds, all charge money. On principle alone I choose not to purchase from these sites. I fear the day that everybody will sell subscriptions just to open their site.

The Internet Is Still Free: Let it always stay that way!

I think what you've observed is true in many ways. However, I personally put out dozens of free articles, and I also work with The Vegetarian Health Institute, which does the same. I even provide free services, like the service I'm providing now by answering e-mails and helping individuals with their needs.
All of that costs money. Using a newsletter service or having your own blog costs money, and maintaining it and researching and writing to readers takes a lot of time.

Getting Good Money For Good Work

People talk about "creating jobs" but for some reason, many people seem to think you should only get paid to do things nobody wants to do, or things that are very bad for society. Yet if you do something noble, it should just be a donation to the world, and you should go hungry... Why do people think this way?
This is why teachers, healers and counselors get paid less than lawyers and accountants. This is why an excellent professor or airplane pilot might find themselves applying for government aid, despite the masses of your average-Joe businessmen who get paid a lot of money to do their work. Why should a cell phone sales man make more money than a good editor and nutritionist like myself?

There Is A Donation-Based Movement

Yet on principle, I do agree that information should be available to all. Try checking out the "thrive movement" and watching their documentary and checking around their website. Everything there is donation based. I think that is the real path of the future. People will give freely to causes and services they believe in, and providers will offer what they have freely. Unfortunately, I think that is still a minority of the world doing that, but I am seeing this concept more and more often.

What about For-Profit Charity?

Another concept is arising, which is companies doing good things, for profit. I have an article accompanying a great TED talk on that topic.
~ Raederle Phoenix
When reading, the most incredible things I've ever learned came from stories. Stories are more memorable. They create images and time-lines in our minds. They give us all the background information that lead up to a great moment, a great realization, a great break-through.
In reality, we only truly grasp ("grok") something through personal experience. We can not add to our experience through reading dry data. But we really can and do add to our experience with stories. The more detailed, authentic, and dynamic the story, the more there is for us to learn from it. The more it resonates with us and touches us, the more we retain what we've learned.
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