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Listen to Raederle Phoenix narrate her own book, Living Big & Traveling Far on $8,000 a Year (or Less!). If you'd like to get both the ebook and the audio book together, click here.
I've wracked my brain for every trick I've ever used for saving money and getting things for free in my life. Much of what I do is made possible by knowing what can be done without any money at all. And I've packed it all into one amazing treasure trove. In my book you'll learn:
  • 9 less-known alternatives to renting/owning.
  • How to maximize your garden's harvest, growing a wide variety of foods without any sprays.
  • 8 different ways to get free meals, including a method that doesn't require leaving home!
  • 5 tricks for how to acquire new high-paying skills in your spare time.
  • 5 different ways to monetize your space, even if you just have a small apartment.
  • 12 different gluten-free, plant-based recipes that maximize nutrition on a budget.
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