Are you safe staying home alone as a woman?

Question: Have you ever lived alone? How do you feel safe? Do you feel safe? Has anyone ever broken in your home while you were in it? I’m gonna be left alone for a while, and I’m trying to find some way to feel safer.
My home had some break-ins as a child, but they were always when my whole family was on vacation. Virtually nobody wants to break into a home with somebody in it because if it comes to confrontation and they end up hurting you, their risk of jail and their time spent in jail goes through the roof.
You can make it seem like more people are in the house than there actually are by leaving music or a TV on in a room on the opposite end of the house/apartment. Keep your curtains drawn, especially at night, so nobody can see inside.
Keep things handy that help you feel safe, such as pepper spray. (You can make your own by putting cayenne in a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.
Remember that 99.99999999% of people would never consider breaking into someone’s home. It’s a lot of loss and heartache and pain for them with very little to gain. The few people who would do that are very rare and will go for the easiest targets. A person alone in a locked house is not an easy target, actually. For all that person knows, you have a gun, or a boyfriend in your bedroom.
Fake your confidence. I grew up in a ghetto and how confident you look is everything. If you don’t look afraid, then people assume you have no reason to be afraid; i.e. you have a weapon and/or know martial arts and/or know people who will help you nearby. I’m not muscular, I don’t carry a weapon, and I don’t know martial arts. But just by looking really damn confident, I know how to walk around a ghetto on by own and be fine.
It also helps to know that most crimes are personal. Ex-boyfriends who are jealous. Crimes of passion. Date-rape. Shootings between gangs over drugs and territory and money. If you don’t have a creepy ex stalking you, and you’re not in a gang, and you’re not dealing drugs, then you’re fine.
I hope this all helps.
— Raederle
Someone who grew up where it’s rough.

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