What if I formed a master mind group for entrepreneurs interested in helping others while making millions?
The group could be called, "Creative Success Mastermind"


  • Brainstorming money-making ideas that are profitable to the supplier and beneficial to the clients 
  • Reviewing each others' ideas with honesty, clarity and consideration
  • Accountability, motivation, inspiration, goal setting, and support

Member Limit

The group member limit is 7 members.


Entrepreneurs will stay in touch with their Creative Success Mastermind via e-mail. From different locations we provide each other with different perspectives. From one coast to another, from one country to another, our distance makes our cumulative brainstorming more worldly. We can serve a wide audience best if we understand what a diversity of audiences want.

Who You Are

There are no age or experience constraints, but the following must apply to you:
  • You have a website that you actively keep updated and promote 
  • You are a creative person who enjoys developing and analyzing business ideas
  • You are motivated, driven, ambitious, inspired 
  • You live to help others but recognize that profit is your due for your service 
  • You are a critical thinker who carefully analyzes situations and enjoys the process 
  • You are willing to read thoroughly and provide considerate and honest feedback
  • You can take constructive criticism with grace and implement suggestions with enthusiasm
  • You let your desire for success trump your ego
  • You are committed to the improvement of your business
  • You work with others in harmony without letting petty differences get in the way
You do not have to have any particular sort of profession, but your business must be for the betterment of the people you serve. If the above traits sound like you, and you've got four to five hours to commit bi-weekly, then read on.


Every two weeks each of us will construct a one page summary of our bi-weekly accomplishments, goals for the next fortnight, ideas we would like reviewed by the Creative Success Mastermind, and problem areas we need support in.
Our one-page reports are organized, neat, well punctuated, and carefully crafted to be concise. Reports are only a page long because we do not waste our fellow entrepreneurs' time. If you have an editor, you may have them look over it first.
Once the reports have been submitted to the group, we give feedback on each report in the same concise fashion.
Not only do we receive feedback on our own progress and goals, we will also listen to the reviews directed towards our contemporaries. By paying attention to how our peers respond to the accomplishments and goals of the entire group, we will absorb productive habits.
Report responses are submitted to the group within three days, and further responses should be limited to the two days following that. While we come together collectively to become a Mastermind as a whole, we also have a time period to be individuals and think for ourselves. By limiting our discussions to five days out of fourteen days, we flex our collective muscles and our individual muscles in reciprocal turn.

Quarterly Review

Every three months we would review membership. Questions such as "Do we need more members?" and "Do we all feel that this group is harmoniously reaching goals?" are addressed.
The next three months of report dates are scheduled. Report times may be adjusted if a member will be on vacation. At the quarterly review we bring up ideas for how we can be a better Creative Success Mastermind and how we can improve our partnership with one another.


Writing this sort of post is a great practice in manifestation. I'm writing about a concept that appeals to me and defining how it might work. It is an expansive, imaginative, creative process. I've used this process to broaden the great things that happen in my life to great success.
If you're curious about this, read my article on consciousness alchemy.
~ Raederle Phoenix

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