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Affordable Organic Produce On A Budget Article
Raederle On Eat Live; Live Well Radio Show
How can an average person with an average income afford to eat healthier when produce is so expensive?
Listen to this short twenty minute episode to find out: Fresh Produce on A Budget.
Here is how we manage it on a small budget:
We combine all of the following cost-cutting methods. We eat mostly organic so the prices we mention are the prices on organic produce. We believe eating organic is important for our health, and to the planet. Long-term we're saving money by avoiding illness.

Local Produce

  • Local Farm Stands (out in the sticks)
  • Farmer's Markets
  • Pick Your Own
  • C.S.A.: Community Supported Agriculture

Bulk Produce

  • Order online (raw kelp noodles, raw carob powder, organic toilet paper)
  • Order large volumes through a store that gives discounts

Bruised Produce

  • Seek discounts on bruised fruit or wilted greens

Grow Your Own Food

  • Indoor aerogarden or potted herbs
  • Sprouts
  • Outdoor garden
  • Eat free weeds
  • Plant a fruit tree

Some Notes

We went off on a bit of rant about the amazing power of weeds during this episode. Jay and I have been astounded at the power of growing weeds (for a better garden) and eating weeds (for better health). Weeds are free, hardy, and all around beneficial.
We learned about what weeds are safe to eat and the medicinal properties of weeds growing all over the United States in every kind of climate in a powerful DVD set by Markus Rothkranz. It's been a huge bargain to buy the disc set because we save money every day of the summer by harvesting healing food that is growing right in our own back yard.
To get this amazing deal for yourself, visit Markus's website.
Hope this helps you save money on your grocery bill! In the Summer of 2012 we've been able to feed the two of us a healthy nutritionally balanced raw food diet that is 95% organic for under $400 per month, including probiotics. That is only $200 per person, per month, for a 95% organic, 100% raw vegan diet with probiotics included. Our organic C.S.A. membership was indispensable in reaching this incredibly affordable summer.
~ Raederle
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