Your Second Reference Page

This is your second reference page. You can go to the first one by clicking here.
Here are some quick reminders:

Dental Care

For your gums, you may find that this inexpensive Gum Stimulator is particularly useful. It's just a tool to gently and easily stimulate the gums and clean them. I use one and rather like it.
I have more on dental health on this page here.

Great Books on Health

There are lots of great books on what foods to eat. One book that I particularly enjoyed was The Hippocrates Diet. I have a full recommendations list for books on this page.

Other Notes

Besides amazon, I also shop on SunBurst Superfoods which has some of the best deals on carob, spirulina, pomegranate powder, blueberry powder, goji berries and mulberries.
~ Raederle
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