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What is a Creative Minority or Cultural Creative?

In the documentary Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce H. Lipton explains that civilizations have cycles. Each civilization has a development period, a mature (or "ridged") period, and a decline period. The decline period happens due the rigidity being faced by a universe that is always in flux. When ridged thinking and stagnant traditions prevail, a civilization enters decline.
During decline, new civilization begins to form, and this new civilization is begun with cultural creatives or the creative minority. The cultural creatives are the people who are innovating a new way to live.
Daniel Quinn talks about "the way to live" in his fantastic book, Ishmael.
Ishmael is a book that contrasts our culture (the culture of agriculture, governments, schools, and so forth) to the culture of indigenous hunter-gatherers. Daniel points out that indigenous people knew "how to live" and be happy. For the first-hand experience of an incredible woman who spent two days with just such an indigenous culture, read The Continuum Concept. Jean Liedloff confirms that indigenous people are essentially without illness of body or mind. No depression, no diabetes, no angry children . . . Just happy people living their day to day lives.
Daniel Quinn in Ishmael contrasts our beliefs to the beliefs of native peoples and shows exactly why we're not happy. To summarize it here would be impossible. It is already a very concise and well-written book, so I recommend simply getting it and and reading it. The same goes for The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff.
If you're reading this page, the changes are that you're part of the cultural minority. You're seeking to create a new way to live that is sustainable, healthful and efficient. To do so requires tossing out all the old beliefs we grew up with, and creating a living culture. Most everything we were taught in school about history, money, nutrition, health, and economy are all wrong. Even much of what they're teaching in school about the English language isn't even true.
Furthermore, no matter how amazing your parents were, they weren't perfect. My parents were both college graduates, and yet they didn't know how to spend their money effectively, how to organize their home, or how to select the most nutritious foods. They did better than the people in the surrounding ghetto I grew up in, but in order to become part of the new culturally creative movement, I had to leave their way of doing things behind.
There are many cultural innovation initiatives. To name a few, there is The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Freeworlder Movement, The Thrive Movement, The Ishmael Community, The Blueprint For Life Longevity Community, and many others, including more commonly known projects such as and
The Cultural Creatives are working on sustainability and efficiency from all angles, including green forms of power, nutritionally effective food growing techniques, more humane and ecological ways of raising animals (check out this TED talk for more on that), and greener architecture.
I've constructed these youtube playlists to further your own development as a cultural creative:

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