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Thank you for your donation! That is very considerate, kind and forward-thinking of you!

I believe in a world where we all get paid to do what we do best: what we love to do. I love to research, to draw, to edit, and to write. By donating to me, you're supporting my work. If you're not already signed up for my free e-course, please sign up below.

I keep my e-course free so that nobody is kept from benefiting from it just because of lack of funds. However, it costs me over $50 a month to provide this course, so if you find it helpful, please donate and spread the word about it. If everyone who took the course donated $2 per lesson (that's roughly $8 a month), my expenses and time would be covered. That is a great bargain for both of us! So thank you for being part of that!

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