Heal Your Thyroid With Voice Consciousness

Do you ever notice your voice changing as you talk about someone you used to date, or a place you used to live?
Do you ever notice yourself speaking differently at work or at home?
Do you use a different voice when speaking to babies or pets?
Have you ever been under hypnosis and noticed a different voice?
Have you ever consciously used a different voice and then noticed it made you feel different?
If you can say "yes" to any of these, then you've experienced what it means for different aspects of yourself to have different voices. Consciously using different voices can be used as tool to explore different facets of yourself. This practice strengthens the health and integration in your throat chakra as well as creating more integration and freedom within your mind and emotional body. It is important to note that disorders involving the thyroid and lymph system along the jawline will always include a strong component of dis-integrated communications within oneself.
It is particularly good when these voices emerge naturally as part of consciousness alchemy. Allow your voice to match how you feel – that is the key. Bring your energy up from your heart through your throat and then over your tongue, past your teeth and over your lips. When you really allow your voice, you will notice that you will sound very different after a meditation, after yoga, during a co-counseling session, and while speaking from the perspective of your inner child.
These exercises may be out of your reach at first. In a situation where your emotional connection to your voice is entirely blocked, you may find any attempt at using a different voice feels fake and stupid. In these cases, it is important to start by coming to understand why this intense blockage has been created. You can begin by asking yourself the following questions.

Understanding What Blocks Your Authentic Voice

These can be done as a journal assignment or as an interview where your friend or partner asks you these questions and you answer aloud. (In the later instance they can ask these questions first-person or revise them to second-person if that makes it less confusing to you. First-person questioning sometimes gets deeper results, even when asked by an outside voice.)
  • Why am I afraid to say exactly what I feel and think?
  • Who am I afraid of being authentic with?
  • When in my life did I use my most authentic voice?
  • Who makes me feel the most able to speak freely? How does that feel?
  • How does my voice change (or not change) when I'm around my parents?
  • If I could have any voice I wanted, what sort of voice would I want?
  • If I could say everything I always wanted to say, without consequence, what would I say?
  • Do I ever sound like a child now that I'm an adult? How do I feel about that?
  • What bad things would happen to me if I spoke with my most authentic self?
  • What are the consequences for letting all parts of myself speak freely?
If speaking from your various internal selves authentically is an on-going struggle, consider taking each of the above questions one-at-a-time, answering one a day or one a week, giving yourself time to shift your awareness. If you're highly cut off from aspects of yourself – which we all are – then there is a good reason. These cut-off aspects were cut off because consciously or subconsciously you decided they threatened your basic needs, such as the need to feel loved and accepted. You can honor your valid reasons for creating blockages by probing slowly. Believe me, I know from much first-hand and second-hand experience what the whiplash of over-zealous spiritual growth feels like.
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