How to Become Polyamorous

I have a stable monogamous relationship right now, but I'm interested in acquiring someone who would be like a sister to my wife and and a lover to me. How can I manifest that?
Getting into polyamory is really all about mastering monogamy and relationships in general. The better you are at directly asking for your needs, owning up to yourself what your needs actually are, admitting when you've been wrong, etc, the easier it is to manifest and maintain multiple relationships.

Practical Polyamory Tips

  • Attend polyamory-themed events and gatherings.
  • Buy polyamory-themed game to help prepare you and your partner for polyamorous life situations.
  • Read polyamory-themed forums.
  • Read books or listen to podcasts about relationships in general. I prefer Teal Swan for relationship advice.
  • Communicate a lot with your existing partner about what you want, what both of you need to feel safe and happy, and where your limits are and where her limits are.
  • Develop a clear idea of both what you have to offer in a relationship and what you want to get out of it.
  • When meeting potential people, bring up your unmet needs and also ask them about theirs. Two people who go well together are two people who can meet each other's unmet needs much more easily than they can meet their own.
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