Raederle on the Radio — With Footage!

Raederle on Life, Spirituality, & Polyamory

Live radio episode where Eric interviews Raederle Phoenix on April 30th 2017. Raederle discusses her life in general talking about her hobbies, her day to day life, her belief systems, her two husbands, and her work.
Photos, font, artwork and video overlay are Raederle's creations (with a few photos taken by Lytenian, Greg or Raederle's parents) unless otherwise stated. (There are a few photos by photographers that are Raederle's friends – they're cited on the photos they took.)
WRFI Community Radio for Ithaca and Watkins Glen.

Raederle on Business, Nutrition & Health

Feb 17, 2013. Andrea Todaro and Dale Martin interview Raederle Phoenix about her business in Western New York in the field of health, nutrition and raw food.

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