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If you're thinking, "Yes! An exact step-by-step plan is just what I need to get on the right track!" then you've come to the right place. I'm now offering all of my books together as one package at an all-new lower price.
The thing is, I made these plans to help you heal! Not to get rich. So I want as many people as possible to benefit from what I've learned about food and nutrition. Don't miss this opportunity to get seven amazing books!
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Raw Master Plan


Just $75.00!

That is a $137 savings!

Raw Master Plan Contains:

  • Experience Elegance 8-Day Plan ($25)
  • Blissfully Balanced 7-Day Plan ($25)
  • Nut-Free Delectable Delights 7-Day Plan ($25)
  • Collecting Calcium: Overcoming Osteoporosis & Arthritis Naturally ($40)
  • Nut-Free Raw Recipes ($15)
  • Vitamin Confusion Solution ($62)
  • Select, Store, Eat & Digest Raw Food ($20)
  • All of these items are digital. You will receive them via e-mail.
    And, this package will not break your budget in groceries. There is minimal use of "superfood" powders and no use of expensive pre-packaged dehydrated snack-bars.

    Also, equipped with Vitamin Confusion Solution, you'll be able to select the healthiest whole foods to meet your specific needs on your budget.

    If you're looking for all of my product recommendations (and not just my personal books and services), click here to visit my product recommendation page.
    I offer professional services in editing, graphic design, health consultation, and nutritionally complete custom meal-plan creation. For a quote, visit my contact page. I will reply within the week.

    Graphic Design & Illustration

    My services include graphic design, illustration and vector creations (generally used for logos). Designs, illustrations and vectors can be created for:
    • Book covers
    • Logos
    • Business cards
    • Advertisements
    • Websites
    • Apparel
    • Signs
    • Posters
    • Board games
    Have a concept you want turned into an eye-popping poster? I can do that. Have a fantastic book that needs equally fantastic cover? I can do that. Need a map created for Dungeons and Dragons campaign? I can do that too.
    Projects will range from $40 to $2,000 depending on the level of detail required. A small simple vector logo can be as little as $40. A simple sketch for a loved one as a holiday gift can be as low as $40.
    What does my artwork look like? You're already looking at it. All of the art on this page is done by me. The book overs, background, header, footer, and dividers are all examples of my artwork. Click the link below to see more.
    I use Macromedia Fireworks for graphic design and Adobe Photoshop for illustration. I use a "bamboo" wacom tablet for painting. I also work with pencils and markers on occasion where they are appropriate.

    Health Consultation

    Consultation is for anyone who is experiencing less-than-lovely health. If you're not vibrating with energy when you wake in the morning or if you're suffering from any continual pain, then you can benefit from a personal consultation. We'll examine your stress levels, diet, level of activity and come up with a personal solution that works for you.
    My health consultation is done exclusively via e-mail. This helps me and it helps you by leaving a "paper trail" of all of our communication. We'll both be able to refer back to our discussions to recall important details to healing your body inside and outside. This prevents wasted time in repeating the same questions to one another over and over, and this also makes sure that we're communicating clearly.
    One month's consultation includes:
    • Targeted problem-solving on your current biggest pain source
    • Analysis of health history and the current impact of past problems
    • Detailed analysis of current food habits
    • One of my ebooks* (the one that will be most helpful to you at present)
    • Guidance for how to handle upcoming situations that may unbalance you
    • Techniques and tricks for reaching weight and size goals
    • Additional content and support tailored to the individual
    *Another ebook is included with each month. Each ebook sent is based on your current needs.
    Pricing Options
    One month: $300
    Two months: $550 — save $50
    Three months: $800 — save $100
    Four months: $1000 — save $200
    Five months: $1200 — save $300 — that's one free month!

    Custom Meal Plan Creation

    Nutritionally complete custom meal plans are tailored to your tastes, health condition and goals. Creating a custom meal plan is a major project, but a worth while one.
    A custom meal plan will address all of your nutrient needs, your tastes, your schedule and your physical condition. Recipes, nutritional analysis, grocery list and specifications for timing and purchasing are all included with your meal plan.
    A nutritionally complete custom meal plan one week in length is $400. Two weeks for $700 ($100 savings).
    If you don't feel the need for a custom plan, but want a nutritionally complete plan to follow, check out these plans I've created.


    I am usually available for editing, proof-reading, formatting and detailed content examination. I am the editor for The Vegetarian Health Institute, and depending on my workload at any given time I may or may not be able to take on another editing commission.
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