Intuitive Eating

What does an intuitive diet look like?

Following my intuition has led me to make an endless series of shifts in my diet.
I'm honoring young aspects of myself that still miss fried foods by incorporating all-organic, home-fried foods that are gluten-free and sweetener-free and taking digestive enzymes with the meal to compensate for the difficulty in digestion.
I'm honoring my body with days where I rest primarily and consume nothing but water.
I'm honoring my ambition with days where I eat for energy; every morsel of food is delivered to give me maximum benefits. On days like that, I consume a mostly frutarian diet with perhaps a little cashew yogurt or a little home-rolled oats.
I'm honoring the nutritionist in me that studied plant composition for years by including greens in every day that I'm not strictly fasting, whether in the form of a giant salad, or a fresh vegetable juice. On days where I'm short on time, I have several scoops of green powder combined with coconut water for a delicious, refreshing, replenishing meal.
When I listen to myself and get the whole message and carry out the full directions from my supraconscious and subconscious needs and desires, I find that my results are better than any one limited set of rules could ever be. Although, I have to be careful to be sure I'm hearing my intuition and not just giving in to cravings. This is an important distinction, which you can read more about here: Intuition versus Cravings.
In the past, I've been a strict raw foodist, a strict vegan, a strict raw vegetarian, and so on. I find that anything we go so far as to identify with later becomes a problem. Identification with something creates a strong attachment that is hard to break. Later, when you need to adapt in order to survive or thrive, it hurts tremendously to change because it literally breaks our identity which feels like a death.
How I moved from being strictly identified with being a raw foodie to being an intuitive being is an incredible story which I will be sharing over time. One of the most pivotal points in this story happens in October 2016 where I had what I now call a "fever awakening." Much of my awakening had to do with why I've been constipated my entire life, so that's where this story begins: I've been really anal retentive . . . Curing Chronic Constipation.

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