Garden Snake | Digital Painting Comission by Raederle

Garden Snake

2010 Commission
by Raederle Phoenix

Garden Snake Progression

1. Rough draft...
2. Still a rough draft...
3. A rough draft with much more detail...
4. An incomplete picture holding much promise...

1. I threw on a rough outline of the shape of the snake.
2. I added a dark outline around the edges of the snake, mostly as a guideline.
3. I sketched out the scale shapes.
4. I deepened scale-shape shadows in places.
6. Added some color variety.
7. Added some highlights.
8. Colored the underbelly.
9. Brought out the lighter tones.
10. Added some highlights.
11. Added some texture.

1.First I established the basic outlines of the snake.
2. I went on to begin carving the scales out of the snake in a very monotonous way, which I will probably never do again with any piece ever again. Incredibly boring to sit about outlining scales.
3. I added spots of coloration, almost whimsically to try and discover what would look most attractive.
4. I put in the main shadows.
5. I began to add scale shadows in earnest, as well as mocked-up highlights.
6. I decided to made the underbelly a lighter color.
7. I highlighted and textured many of the scales.
8. A small clipping here is displayed of the fullsize detail of the scales.

The current condition of The Garden Snake. The version on my computer is over 20 inches on a side. This is a very, very detailed work, and what you see on your screen is a compressed tiny rendition.

~ Raederle

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