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Today is August 28th in the year of 2012.

Buffalo, New York – August Weather

The weather has been fabulous this August. Mild rains, warm days, a few hot days reaching ninety-one degrees Fahrenheit, but mostly ranging from a pleasant 75 to 85.
It's a cool morning. Last night we had a gentle rain.
Raederle's 2012 Garden

My Garden

The garden is doing fabulously. I've hardly needed to tend anything whatsoever.
The weeds cause a diversity of insects that prevent herb-eating bugs from getting out of hand. All I need to do it cut back a weed when it starts shading my lettuces or chard too much. The partial shade from the weeds keeps my plants from wilting in the hot sun.
I've spent a lot more time harvesting food from the garden than I have cutting back weeds.
This is an early lesson for me in permaculture. In years to come I look forward to learning more.


Two oranges, with the pith. I've been enjoying cutting off just the orange outer layer and eating the white thick fiber with the orange segments. Much of the nutrition of an orange is in the pith. The pith is valuable fiber which is great for digestive and colon health. Overall, since the pith is fairly flavorless, I see every reason to consume it.
Three tablespoons of aloe juice. I keep trying different brands of aloe juice, and they all seem to be similar in their level of effectiveness. Although some are clearly more concentrated than others. The one I bought inadvertently with an excess of preservatives was the only one that upset my stomach instead of soothing me.
Two nori wraps with fresh sage leaves.
And a tablespoon of psyllium husk in water. I find that psyllium husk is a great item to have in my diet right now when I'm not eating apples, bananas or as many salads as usual either. I've been eating some steamed kale for extra calcium. This is a topic of some controversy, but most of the opinions on it are biased, and not by hard evidence.
In my book, Collecting Calcium, I present the case for why almost everyone is calcium deficient, including many (if not most) raw vegans. It comes down to the calcium to phosphorus ratio in our diets.

Day Dreaming

When not doing research on minerals, vitamins and human health, I've been day dreaming about my future raw eco-community. I've determined I will absolutely be using cob construction, which you can learn about in this documentary: "First Earth."
To be clear, an eco-community is like a commune. A "commune" is just a word for a community living together with many communal activities. It is fairly unrelated to the term communism, and has no resemblance to the values displayed by today's communist countries. An eco-commune or eco-community is a group of people living together using techniques and technologies in harmony with nature.
Overall, I'm very pleased with where I'm at in life right now. I finally got this website up on August 1st 2012 – 27 days ago. I had the artwork ready-made for it for a long time before that, but was wrestling with how I wanted to do the HTML and whether or not I wanted to use a different website platform, etc. But, at long last, I figured out what I wanted to do, and went for it. I'm very delighted to be migrating all my content here, even if it is a monument-sized task that is swallowing hours of my life each day.
If you're curious about anything, seeking to find articles on a certain topic, etc, there is a search bar on my site map page.
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~ Raederle
When reading, the most incredible things I've ever learned came from stories. Stories are more memorable. They create images and time-lines in our minds. They give us all the background information that lead up to a great moment, a great realization, a great break-through.
In reality, we only truly grasp ("grok") something through personal experience. We can not add to our experience through reading dry data. But we really can and do add to our experience with stories. The more detailed, authentic, and dynamic the story, the more there is for us to learn from it. The more it resonates with us and touches us, the more we retain what we've learned.
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