Swept Up | Digital Painting by Raederle

Swept Up

by Raederle Phoenix

This project was a lot of fun. "Swept Up" is project of motion, color and fun.

The braid I'm particularly proud of.

There were many "firsts" for me in this painting.


My first digital painted braid that is done entirely from scratch with no reference drawing or photo.

The designs I did along the tops of her "leg warmers" and the strap around her arm are firsts for me: I've never invented little detailed designs like that. I love how they came out and will be doing that again.

The brush-style and technique I used on her hair is a first for me.

I drew her lips without reference, which isn't a first for me with pencil, but almost all of my digital paintings use a reference for the lips or follow my pencil sketch.

Overall, I'm absolutely elated. It could use more refinement and detail, but I want to keep moving on to new projects at this moment, so I'm laying this one to rest until further inspiration strikes (which it probably will eventually).

~ Raederle Phoenix

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