Misa In Red | Digital Painting Fan Art by Raederle

Misa In Red

2009 to 2011
Art by Raederle Phoenix

The original work was done mostly in pen. Color in Photoshop.

The person in this picture is Misa, from the anime Death Note, and in the background is a vague outline of Rem, a God of Death.

Misa never actually wears this outfit in the show, but it's along the lines of her style.

I started this work in 2009, and "finished" it January 13th 2011. (As if I can put a work down and never work on it again. They're never finished, none of them...*laughs*)

This artwork is by Raederle Phoenix, but has been inspired by Death Note.

You can buy this art from me in the form of a mousepad, a mug, a coaster, etc, and other art of mine at my deviant art shop.

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