Want To Be My Apprentice?

I'm looking for a future business collaborator who is willing to start out as my apprentice. (If you know what a master mind group is, you'd be part of my master mind group.)

As my apprentice, you will learn the following skills:

- Editing, proofing, copywriting
- Article writing and book writing
- How to stay positive and optimistic
- How to stay healthy on an optimal raw diet (or 90% raw diet)
- The art of turning ideas into reality
- How to grow a large influential social media network
- Maintaining a well-read and well-loved blog
- How to budget effectively and living happily within your means
- Using knowledge to constantly better your surroundings and life
- How to deeply and genuinely love yourself (and rid yourself of any self-esteem problems you may have)
- How to grow a business
- How to find time for yourself, your loved ones, your business and your other interests
- Many other skills related to the above skills

You will learn the above without paying me with money. Instead you will invest time.

You can compare this to taking several college courses and getting a life coach at the same time.

What you will need to be able to consistently provide:

- 10-20 hours of time per week
- Willingness to learn
- Willingness to provide opinions and feedback
- A positive attitude (I will help, but you must work to maintain it)
- Compassion and understanding (for yourself, me and others)

You must already possess the ability to type at a reasonable rate. If you can not type quickly, or if you don't have the patience to type up a typed page in a day, you will not enjoy working with me. If you currently type slowly but are still interested and want to increase your capacity to type, we can work around it.

You will be able to read my books without paying for them with money. Instead, I will want your time and mind. You will use your mind to learn and absorb what you read, and to give feedback. You will need to be willing to invest the time to reading, but as well as to acting on what you've read. You will need to be willing to consistently make lifestyle changes to better your life.

I will not demand that you become something you do not want to become.

I will demand that you become the best version of your self that you are capable of becoming.

What do I get out of it? Feedback on my work, including:

- Error corrections (I self-edit quite effectively, but you will let me know if I missed anything)
- Highlighting areas you find unclear (What is clear to one person isn't clear to another.)
- Testing recipes and letting me know your opinions for improvement or just letting me know how much you liked it (or didn't like it).
- Informing me if you had to go anywhere special to purchase ingredients, and if you felt the recipe was inexpensive or expensive to make.

Also, your transformation is a benefit to me. I will want:

- Before and after photos.
- Your testimonials for your experience with my recipes, books and mentoring.

As my apprentice you will not be working nearly as hard as I am at maintaining and running my business, but you will become an active participant in it. You will not be paid except with knowledge. Once you've completed your apprenticeship you will have all of the skills I listed. (Anyone who has read Think And Grow Rich knows what an incredible offer this is.)

Once your apprenticeship is complete, we will hopefully then go on to become business collaborators. You will have your business and I will have mine (unless we work so well together we decide to embark on the same ventures together), and we will be able to refer customers and clients to each other. (What you do will be up to you. You will have many options when you combine the skills you currently possess with the skills I will teach you.)

Further down the line you may decide to live on my land when I build my raw community. This is not just an idle dream of mine, but a plan that I and my husband have been working on for a long time now. Ideally, I hope to find an apprentice who specifically wants to be my business collaborator and then later join the community living space.

As a last requirement, you will need to have $10 to $40 per month to spend on books. You will need to purchase around ten books and study each of them carefully. You will read these at your own pace.

These books will be different from my own, by quite a bit. To elaborate: When you read my books you will be learning but you'll also be helping me with your feedback. When you read these other books I'm going to instruct you to purchase, you will be gaining life-shifting perspectives that will help you in all aspects of your apprenticeship as well as your life.

The apprenticeship will take anywhere from two months to two years, entirely depending on where you are currently on your life path. I expect it to take seven to fifteen months.

If you are interested, please send your query to raederle at gmx dot com. Title your e-mail with "I'm interested in being your apprentice" or if you have questions, title it with, "I have questions about being your apprentice."

I will accept an apprentice on a "first come, first served" basis, so don't wait even if you think your life is "too busy" right now. (Believe me, life is always "too ______" right now.)

To apply, provide the following information:

Your full name, what you'd like to be called, best e-mail address, facebook page, twitter page, blog and/or website
Your business and/or employment
Your amount of time you're willing to dedicate to this per week
Your amount of money you're willing to spend on reading material per month
The approximate speed at which you read
The approximate speed at which you type
Current experience with editing and proofing
Current diet
Current dietary goals
Level of physical and mental health
Current opinion of yourself
Your relationship status
Current aspirations for the future

Please do not miss any of these points in your message. If it does not apply to you or you do not wish to share, please say so. For example, you can say "I do not have a twitter account" for that point if that is the case.

Just to be fair (and to give an example), my application would look like this:
Full Name: Raederle Phoenix An Lydell-West-Jacot (call me Raederle)
E-mail: raederle at gmx dot com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Raederle.Phoenix and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raw-Chef-Raederle-Phoenix/182466575124046
Twitter: https://twitter.com/phoenixsmuse
Website: www.raederle.com
Business: I work for myself; my services can be seen on my website.
Employment: I also work as the editor for The Vegetarian Health Institute
Time: I have ten to twelve hours available per week to dedicate to teaching an apprentice currently
Money: I am willing to spend $20 per month on books to educate myself

Reading Speed: I read a page in 40 seconds to 2 minutes depending on content, mood and print size, 1-4 chapters per day, 1-5 books per month
Typing Speed: It's been a long time since I checked, but last time I checked it was about 60 words per minute (faster than average by a lot)
Editing Experience: Fairly extensive. I've been doing editing, proof reading, transcribing, beta reading, etc, for six years. I've worked on all kinds of projects from novels, to college essays, to poetry to lengthy articles and much in between.

Diet: 80-100% raw vegan, it varies from week to week, still experimenting
Dietary Goals: Find a perfect balance that makes me feel like I'm on top of the world and stick with it

Physical Health: I can work mildly actively for 8-10 hours, moderately actively for 4-6 hours, or very actively for 1-3 hours. I don't catch colds or flues anymore, but sometimes I overwork myself and have to rest for a day or three. I am still recovering from stomach ulcers and am sensitive to an array of foods. I love yoga, chi gong, dancing and swimming in the ocean, but I don't do any of these nearly often enough. I could stand to exercise a lot more.

Mental Health: I used to have depression bouts, and an array of mental problems such as not valuing myself properly. Now, I'd say I'm one of the most mentally healthy people I know, but I do still have a tendency towards solitude for long periods of time. I am not always comfortable in social situations. I have strong cravings sometimes and when I do, I have 70-80% chance of overcoming them at this point, but that isn't 100%.

Current Self Opinion: I rule!

Relationship Status: Happily married.

Future Aspirations: Whew, this would be a lot to write out in detail. But, here is the short of it: Lots of land, permaculture, a raw commune/community, large extensive artistic cob buildings, tons of fruit trees of countless varieties, a large selection of talented loving people, many able and healthy children, and a business a hundred times as thriving as it is today.

Thanks for considering me.

 ~ Raederle
And there you have a detailed sample of what your application should look like. If writing the above seems daunting to you, then this probably isn't a role you're interested in taking.

I look forward to hearing from you, my fantastic new friend, apprentice and future business collaborator.



PS: This probably goes without saying, but just in case – both parties will have the right the terminate the arrangement at any time. Of course, a week or two's notice is polite if we're jointly working on something.

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