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September 4th 2010

On today's original agenda:
  • Water
  • Garlic Tea
  • Shower
  • Clean Kitchen Sink & Counters & Floor
  • 20 Push-ups
[8:30pm] – Nausea
I woke up this morning very early with horrible stomach pains. I've felt hunger pains before, and I've experienced bloating, gas, cramps, and so on and so forth in the past but this pain was unique in my experience.
I felt better after vomiting, and based on everything I experienced, this was my conclusion:
Because I took one of those really powerful parasite-killing pills (raw pill containing dehydrated herbs), but didn't eat anything or take any probiotic tablets yesterday, there was nothing to absorb all the things in my stomach that the herbs killed. It is recommended to take a probiotic with the parasite-killing pills, but I didn't expect to need to take them for a while.

Effects of Eating Habits

I recovered from the mishap over a very small portion of 'rice cakes' (which were stale) that Lytenian found for me to ease my extremely upset stomach. I took a probiotic, a peppermint pill (meant to settle the stomach), and an enzyme pill. I've felt fine since... Mostly.
I have all sorts of reactions to food which I can trace. Back before I quit sugar I used to be able to trace eating it to headaches, joint pain, and lack of energy, all of which make perfect sense if you do the research on the effects of sugar; even natural organic cane sugar.
I can now trace much, much, much more subtle, but similar effects from eating fruit in a large quantity.
Before I stopped eating your standard egg-noodles, your conventional high-fructose-corn-syrup-filled bread, and other terribly unhealthy "American staples" I was able to trace my depletion of energy, stomach aches, apathy, and bloating to eating those things.
Now I can see similar effects (in a much milder form) when eating long-grain-brown rice, cooked beans and other complex cooked starches.
What's interesting is that today and yesterday I have not had any strange symptoms I'm used to experiencing from food. No joint pain, no muscle cramps, no headache, no mouth soreness, no bloating, gas, stomach aches (unless you count this bout this morning; but I don't since it was clearly unlike anything I've experienced before), and so forth.
What I do feel is tired. Not lethargic, apathetic or depressive-tired which can be caused from excessive amounts of sugars and simple carbohydrates in general (bread, candy, soda, pasta, white rice, etc), but rather a somewhat-faint tired. This form of being tired is what real hunger feels like.

Hunger vs. Cravings

What a lot of people don't realize is that huger is different from a food craving. Many people have never experienced hunger in their entire lives. When people say "I'm hungry" they are usually saying, "I feel like eating," or "My sugar has crashed and I crave more sugar," or "The parasites in my stomach and intestines are telling my body that I need more carbs." This may sound absurd or exaggerated to some, but it's completely true. What you think is hunger is really cravings; and they may not even be your cravings. They could be cravings causes by parasites in your intestines. There are hundreds of book on this topic or that are related to this topic.

Detox Revision

Today's various adventures have brought me to a few conclusions.
Firstly, it's going to be neigh impossible for me to consume nothing but water. If I had monk training, or if I were a martial artist, or if I was a much more active person, I could probably do it. It has been done before. But I don't think I'm actually healthy enough yet to take such a large step all at once.
I've decided to revise my plan to include bite-size portions of what-ever green drink or vegetable my husband is having, once a day, and at most twice a day. And when I say bite-size I do mean it. And if it's not liquid, then I'll chew that bite over and over until it's liquid in my mouth. (The way we're meant to chew.)
Secondly, I may want to consider taking less parasite-killing herbal pills.
My revised agenda for the day;
  • Probiotics & Enzymes
  • Water
  • Shower
  • Clean Kitchen Sink & Counters & Floor
  • 20 Push-ups
I've done the twenty push-ups; which are from my knees, to note. I could do them from my feet but I'd make myself too exhausted to be of much good. I only want to damage the muscles a little; just enough to grow back stronger. Not so much that my shoulders take days to recover. (For anyone who doesn't know, building muscle is a process of damaging your muscles and rebuilding them back stronger.)
I have yet to shower or do the cleaning. I've been slacking a little and playing video games most of the day because it's Saturday and my husband wanted to play games, and I wanted to play with him... So there you have it.
We're playing a turn-based game together. I have extra time whenever his turn takes longer than mine (we can take our turns simultaneously, but whoever completes their turn first still has to wait for the other person to finish). I've been thinking of designing a board game to go with my fantasy novel's setting. Today I designed the board to the board game.
I'm really in love with the board design, and happy that I did that today, even if I should have been working on the novel itself, not some side-project.
Total consumption today:
  • 2 mouth-fulls of Lytenian's green drink (primarily spinach with garlic and beets)
  • 2 tall glasses of filtered water
  • 1½ rice cakes; to settle this morning's upset stomach
  • 1 enzyme tablet, 1 probiotic, 1 peppermint tablet
Despite the horrible pain this morning, I feel that I'm still on the right track. After all, no battle plan survives first contact.
Thanks for stopping by.
~ Raederle
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