Mango Pudding | Raederle's Raw Recipe


Raw Pudding With Raw Ground Pecans
A great source of Vitamin C, B6 and B9.
Photo by Raederle Phoenix, 2010.

The basis formula for pudding:
  • Sweet / Flavorful 
  • Creamy 

In the case of Mango Pudding:
  • Mangoes (sweet, flavorful, colorful, delicious, nutritious) 
  • Bananas (creamy, sweet, flavorful, delicious, nutritious)

Small Mangoes, Apples, Bananas, Etc
Photograph by Raederle Phoenix, April 2012

You can use either yellow or orange mangoes.

The yellow are smaller, more tart, and sometimes called "champagne mangoes." These mangoes are less stringy, easier to separate from their pit and have a yellow skin of similar color to their inside. They are the mangoes shown in the photo above. (They are roughly the size of an avocado.) Yellow mangoes are delicious in recipes as well as eaten plain.

Orange mangoes have a green-yellow-red skin, are roughly the size of a grapefruit, and are sweet and quite stringy. Orange mangoes are best as pudding or sliced in some way. Because of their stringy nature it isn't pleasant to just bite into them.

Mango skin, like apple skin, may be eaten. But it quite tough and generally mangoes are peeled before consumption. If you're going to eat the skin, wash your mango first. I wash mine first whether I'm peeling them or not.

Very ripe mangoes may be peeled with fingers easily. If the mango is very firm it is still quite delicious, but more tart and best peeled with a potato-peeler or knife.

To prepare in a blender:

Add mangoes to a blender one half at a time, blending until almost smooth before adding the next half. Use ½ banana to start, and test to see if you want to add more. Using frozen banana comes up with a wonderful texture.

Other additions I really like: Kiwi, peach and strawberries. These three flavors compliment a little banana and a lot of mango quite nicely.

If your blender can't handle plain mango you can use your food processor or add a little water or coconut water to your blender. Careful how much fluid you add. It'll go from pudding to smoothie quickly.

If you're eating this daily, then eat as-is. On occasion, or when serving others, use crumbled nuts for topping to create a dynamic sensation.

One cup of pecans pulsed in the food processor with compliment three orange (large) mangoes, half a banana, half a peach and half a kiwi nicely.

For daily consumption, here are my recommended amounts and the nutritional information:

  • 2 yellow (small) mangoes
  • 1 orange (large) mango
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 5 strawberries

Option 1: Blend all ingredients until smooth in your food processor.
Option 2: Blend banana and mango until smooth. Pulse in strawberries.
Option 3: Blend banana and mango until smooth. Top with strawberries.

Calories: 516
From fat: 5%
From protein: 4.6%

Fiber: 15 grams
Protein: 7.1 grams

Daily value percentages:

B1: 21%
B2: 32%
B3: 39%
B5: 35%
B6: 95%
B9: 80%
A: 50%
C: 393%
E: 41%
K: 33%
Magnesium: 35%
Potassium: 35%
Zinc: 11%
Omega-3: 38%
Omega-6: 23%

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this pudding. I've served this to dozens of people, a couple handfuls of children, and I have yet to see someone dislike this pudding.

~ Raederle
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