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My Logo

My first logo was made up of a phoenix holding a paintbrush that was also a crochet needle and a camera. In the "negative space" there was also a fae of some sort. I decided I wanted a new "cleaner" logo for my various creations.

The new logo design was an interesting process. At the end of it, when sorting my files, I realized I had saved the process of my initial logo design as well. I'd like to share the process with you:

The new logo makes its appearance on my health, fitness and food blog's background and top banner.
[Update July 2012:] It is also on the footer on raederle.com.

My First Logo

My Current Logo


~ Raederle Phoenix
When reading, the most incredible things I've ever learned came from stories. Stories are more memorable. They create images and time-lines in our minds. They give us all the background information that lead up to a great moment, a great realization, a great break-through.
In reality, we only truly grasp ("grok") something through personal experience. We can not add to our experience through reading dry data. But we really can and do add to our experience with stories. The more detailed, authentic, and dynamic the story, the more there is for us to learn from it. The more it resonates with us and touches us, the more we retain what we've learned.
It is because of this that I'm writing my own life as a series of autobiographical novels. If this interests you, please sign up at left and visit my patreon page for exclusive access to my personal revelations, diary entries and autobiographical novels as I'm writing them. You'll also get a lot of other awesome perks, which you can read about here: www.patreon.com/Raederle.